Rogerio Souza Berlin Quintet

Rogerio Souza Berlin Quintet

Date and time

Fri. 22.09.2017 20:00 h - 20:45 h

Performing Ensemble

Rogerio Souza und Gruppe


"Choro" is often referred to as the Brazilian musical style most akin to jazz. This is probably due mainly to the great harmonic diversity of this lifelike music. Beautiful melody lines embedded in the wide variation of harmonious interpretations and rhythmically driven by the original Afro-Brazilian "Lundu", which is now known worldwide as Samba. The Choro was in the first decades of the last century the music of the Rio de Janeiro’s Bohème. They met in cafés and pubs, and they simply played. The Choro brought famous composers, such as Pixinguinha, or great instrumentalists like the clarinetist Paulo Moura. Musicians to whom today countless Brazilian instrumentalists refer.

From the 30s of the 20th century, the Choro disappeared from the scene. Replaced by the Bossa Nova and other developments of Brazilian music. It was only since the renaissance of this extremely joyful music style (in exile mainly in Japan, the USA and, more recently, in Europe), that one remembers the Choro, also in Brazil. For a few years now various "Rodas de Choro" have been created, informal meetings of Choro musicians, who indulge their passion in public places and pubs.

Among them is the guitar virtuoso Rogerio Souza, who brilliantly mastered the 7-string acoustic guitar (Violao de 7 cordas). For 30 years he has been a member of the band "No em pingo de agua", which is legendary in Brazil and especially in Rio. He is co-editor of the world-famous "Songbook Choro Volume 1-3".

Here can you get a taste of it: