Taiko - Exkurs Japan

383/19Taiko - Exkurs Japan

Date and time

Fri. 20.09.2019 10:00 h - Sat. 21.09.2019 18:00 h

Target audience

für Interessierte
die beim letzten Samba Syndrom schon geschnuppert und Lust auf mehr bekommen haben sowie interessierte Quereinsteiger
die eine Trommelkultur außerhalb Brasiliens kennenlernen wollen.


Katrin Bruck & Anita Stöcklein


Taiko is characterized by the combination of rhythm and movement. In the group, the overall picture is crucial. Posture, posture and movements are tuned within the group. These are the components that convey power, precision and discipline. They visually reinforce the blows. The posture - and the resulting stroke technique - determines the timbre of the beats and the dynamics of the rhythms. Basic rhythms are worked out, repeated, practiced, developed the feel for the bass drums (Miya daiko or Nagado daiko), paid attention to standing, posture and playing technique and learned one to two pieces with voices of different degrees of difficulty. Please bring comfortable clothes and shoes (rather sports shoes). Also important are earplugs.

Katrin Bruck
1994 to 2000 participation in courses for African percussion
2000 to 2004 participation in courses for African American percussion
2004 to 2006 member of the "Taiko Connection" Since 2006 co-director and teacher at "wasabi daiko"
Since 2015 Taiko lessons at the Solling Comprehensive School

Anita Stöcklein
Since 1979 instrumental teacher at the music-oriented Humboldthain Elementary School for piano and recorder, from 2005 also for drums, conductor of the drum groups
2001-2003 participation in courses for percussion of the Landesmusikakademie (Gabi Kostas, Christoph Renner, Uli Moritz, Klaus Staffa)
Member of CAS-Orkestar until 2017 (Ltg. J. Litty)
Since 2004 she has participated in Taiko workshops by Peter Su Markus, Katsuji Kondo, Yoko Tanaka, Sayuri Ito and Art Lee
2004 - 2006 Member of "Taiko Connection" Berlin
Since 2006 co-direction and teaching at "wasabi daiko"