Pandeiro Moderno

384/19Pandeiro Moderno

Date and time

Fri. 20.09.2019 10:00 h - Sat. 21.09.2019 18:00 h

Target audience

für alle Level


Matthias Haffner


The pandeiro is the Brazilian frame drum and undoubtedly the most important and most complete percussion instrument in Brazil. Due to its wide sound spectrum, the instrument enjoys great popularity in all sorts of musical styles: not only in Brazilian Samba, Choro, Coco or Baião (where the pandeiro is traditionally played), but also in pop music or funk this rhythm instrument can be used and can easily replace drums. Unlike most frame drums, the playing technique of the pandeiro is horizontal, creating a very different rhythmic concept, which is very "groove-oriented". The workshop Pandeiro is aimed at all levels of play: beginners, advanced, but also professional players. In this year's pandeiro course, the participants develop modern grooves such as funk, hip-hop, pop or rock. Matthias will choose suitable pieces, transcribe their rhythms and transfer them to the pandeiro.

Matthias Haffner, Berlin, is a versatile and sought-after all-round percussionist from Berlin, Germany. He specializes in Brazilian Percussion, especially the Pandeiro, and has over 30 years of play and teaching experience. His career includes collaborating with samba legend Paulinho da Viola, choro virtuoso Paulo Moura and Rogerio Souza, the Rotterdam Philharmonic and the choro school EPM in Rio de Janeiro. Haffner is the author of the book Blocos Afro in Salvador and his tutorial DVD about the pandeiro. Both works will be released in the summer of 2018. Many study tours and tours took him to Brazil, where he learned from and played with the masters. Together with his colleague Anders Perander, Haffner also builds high-quality, hand-made pandeiros that are sold worldwide: the HP Pandeiro.